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What do I do if someone has filed a Notification accusing me of discrimination or harassment?

If the Tribunal sends you a Notification which alleges you or your organization is responsible for discrimination or harassment you will be asked to complete a Reply form and send it back to the Tribunal within 60 days.

A Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal Human Rights Officer is available to help at 1-866-413-6478 toll free.

You can also seek support from a lawyer to evaluate your case and help you fill out a Notification form. You can contact the Nunavut Legal Services Board here:

You must not ignore your responsibility to complete and file a Reply. There can be legal consequences for you failing to do so. This can include orders being made against you that require you pay damages to the Applicant (money for engaging in discrimination or harassment). These orders can be enforced in court.

How do I file a Reply?

If you have been provided with a Human Rights Tribunal Notification accusing you of discrimination or harassment you should complete a Reply form and file it with the Human Rights Tribunal office. A Reply is a form that must be completed by the person (the Respondent) who is alleged to have breached the Act.

The form can be completed orally or in writing and in any of the official languages of Nunavut. It can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Tribunal Office to the attention of the Tribunal Executive Director.

The Reply will ask you for your version of events and for your response to the Applicant’s allegations.

Any documentation that will support your response should be attached to the Reply. Whenever possible, you should seek the services of a lawyer. You may also have other people in your family or community assist you in communicating with our office.

Forms are available upon request from the Tribunal Office.